Gildi’s history is a continuous beginning. Its young but grown, and has developed in a short period of time promising it will grow even more. It is a rich mixture of Amazonian, Colombian, latin American and Anglo vibes.

Our Commitment

Gildi is a brand highly engaged with eye health, with nature and Latin and multicultural richness.


Gildi is not luxurious, rather is affordable to all, friendly and egalitarian.


At Gildi you will always find what suits you best, for your taste and needs. Gildi is personality!.


Always a avant-garde with latest technology, and tendencies.


At Gildi there is always someone that will take care fo you; with a guaranteed product and customer support.


Stimultating the eyewear marketplace with new and affordable alternatives is Gildis mission and it is also what it makes it unique.


We make affordable but futurist eyewear.